Colour Management

Do your prints look the same as your Monitor?
Here are the reasons why not -
1. Camera Calibration
2. Monitor Calibration 
3. Printer Callibration
Using a device like the colour checker passport fixes this. Shoot your subject or landscape with the passport in the first shot of your specific lighting conditions. Each time you change the lighting conditions, you need to re-shoot with the colour checker passport as your first shot. You then follow the manufacturers instructions to create a camera profile.
Camera Calibration
paper profiles 2.jpg
Calibrating a monitor is quite simple using a monitor calibration tool, such as the Spyder from Datacolor.
Monitor Calibration
The icc profile for a printer is very important. Ours are created by some of the best in the business.
Paper Profile
we send you a free test strip on the paper you use, as well as the "test strip file" as an email and you can compare the two at your studio - how simple is that 
email us via our contact page for your samples
If all this seems too hard - we have a simple solution
by using our test strip
Test Strip for printing.jpg